If you are looking for a way to socially connect with others or contribute to your local community, you may want to consider volunteering at Vigoro.   You don't need to be sporty or even into sport to make a positive contribution and enjoy the many benefits of volunteering.

Benefits of volunteering

Helps to make new friends and contacts - increase your support system

Increase your social and relationship skills

Helps counteract the effects of stress, anxiety, and depression

Increases self-confidence

Provides a sense of purpose

Helps you stay physically healthy

Volunteering makes you happy - it brings fun and fulfillment to your life


At Ipswich Vigoro, we promise new volunteers:

  • to value your contribution (big or small)
  • to never make you do more than you want to do
  • to make you feel welcome


Ipswich Vigoro needs help with the roles listed below.   To register your interest in volunteering please click on the link HERE.